Is the Faith Community Doing Enough to Address Childhood Obesity?

19 Jul

With healthcare cost rising, many have turned their focus to preventative healthcare. Authorities in the field have suggested removing obese children from their homes as a means of intervention. What is your ministry or organization doing to support a healthy lifestyle? Read the article below and tell us what you think.

Editor’s note: Dr. Nazrat Mirza is the medical director of the IDEAL Clinic, and Dr. Evan Nadler is the co-director of the Obesity Institute, both at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington. (CNN) — We know smoking is bad, yet it seems far-fetched to suggest that parents who smoke should have their children put in foster care, doesn’t it? Could you imagine if someone suggested that asthmatics who didn’t take the appropriate medication be removed from their parents’ home? In last week’s Journal of the American Medical Association, two writers suggested that in some cases extremely obese children should be placed in foster care. While there are certain instances where this should be considered — when the parents consent to it and the environment at home is irreparable — that separating children from their families would even be an option for discussion underscores the stigma associated with this devastating disease. Obesity not only causes illnesses that eventually shorten a patient’s life, but it has crippling psychosocial effects because of its visibility. We see this stigma with our patients and families every day

via Foster care for obese children? Not a good idea –


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