Should Women be Allowed to Preach: Are We Still Having This Conversation?

20 Jul

Crusade – Convocation Center, Notre Dame:  Great moment in the ministry of the legendary Kathryn Kuhlman (1948-1976)

2011 is the first year in American history that women have exceeded men in the workforce. In fact, women’s roles all over the world are changing.  Most women continue to carry traditional domestic roles (nurturer, childcare provider, household manager, etc). But they have also have adapted to new positions they must carry. They respond to an evolving society by educating themselves, making right decisions,  and filling in abandoned posts once occupied by leaders who could not or would not fulfill their duties. Still, some church leaders remain adamant about restricting the role of the woman in the ministry. Read the opinions found in the following interview with 5 leaders of modern-day christian worship ministries, then tell us what you think.

” Women don’t preach at The Journey, but we have women do scripture readings, lead songs, and play instruments in worship services. They really bring a lot to the gathering. We also have a couple of really sharp female leaders that help in the liturgy, song planning, and arrangements.”

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via A Conversation with Worship Pastors on Complementarian Relationships | The Resurgence.


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