Criminal Behavior Performed in the Name of Christ?

31 Jul

Read the article about the courtroom antics performed by sect leader accused of sexual assault. Also, watch the video of his victim: Elissa’s story. Then, sound off! Tell us what you think.

San Angelo, Texas (CNN) — A Texas judge warned Warren Jeffs against calling “for the jury’s destruction” shortly after the polygamous sect leader said Friday during his sexual assault trial that those who prosecuted his church would face “sickness and death.” The comments that precipitated the warning to Jeffs, who has been granted the right to represent himself, occurred around midday after Judge Barbara Walther had sent the jury out of the San Angelo courtroom. “I, the Lord God of heaven, ask the courts to cease the prosecution of my holy ways,” Jeffs said. “There will be a judgment against all those who prosecute the church. … I shall let all people know of your unjust ways. I will bring sickness and death. Let this cease.”

Walther then told him that “if you call for the jury’s destruction” while the jury — who will decide if Jeffs is guilty on two counts of sexual assault on a child — is present, “you will be removed from the courtroom.” The defendant responded by saying, “I am not threatening. I am releasing a message.”

via Sect leader warns of ‘death’ to ‘those who prosecute the church’ –


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