Mr. Good Enough?

6 Aug


Is it lowering your standards or being realistic when you decide to settle for ‘Mr. Good Enough’?

Mr. Good Enough is looking pretty great when you watch your best friend get married, and you’re not even dating anyone …

or when you go out with a “very nice” person who doesn’t exactly make your heart flutter and your adrenaline surge …

or when you’re sitting at home, alone, on a Friday night watching another ridiculous romantic comedy.

When you experience these and other reminders that you are still unattached, it’s easy and natural to have thoughts like: “Maybe I’m too picky. Maybe I should adjust my expectations. Maybe my standards are too high.”

In other words, should your criteria be sacrosanct and set in stone—or should you use a sliding-scale method of mate selection?

Not long ago, a book was published with the title, “Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough.”1 The cover copy says the author “explores the dilemma that so many women today seem to face—how to reconcile the strong desire for a husband and family with a list of must-haves so long and complicated that many great guys get rejected out of the gate.” With chapter titles like “Don’t be Picky,%2

via Is There Such a Thing as ‘Mr. Good Enough’? | The Relationship Blog.


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