Has the Voice of the Church Gone Silent?

8 Aug

Read the following article by Anthony Jerrod, and tell us what you think:

History has shown us that morality cannot be legislated. It may be tempting to certain individuals to solve America’s moral decline with partisan politics, but the real solution is the Gospel.There was a time (not so long ago) when Americans largely disapproved of certain social practices such as abortion, divorce, pornography, sexual promiscuity, profane and obscene language, etc. The black Christian church has certainly been one of the most staunch and vocal opponents of such modes of living in times past. But, lately, it appears that the evangelical component of our community has generally gone silent.To be sure, there are individual non-denominational and mainline black churches– both small and large- that are genuinely serious about their collective walk with the Lord. And, there are a multitude of excellent leaders who rightly divide and impart sound doctrine and “stir up” the gifts of their flock for kingdom building. Unfortunately, too many black Christian preachers exploit their positions and pulpits to encourage followers to water-down or hide the truth, all for the sake of material gain and making everyone happy.The older black church was unashamed in its rhetoric and tough stance on certain immoral practices. Through godly living, prayer, faithful teaching…

Continue Reading via 7 Political Issues That The Black Church Has Been Silent About | The Atlanta Post.


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